The sport event TINOS RUNNING EXPERIENCE (TRE) 2018 is back on its 5th year in the island of Tinos with an increasing participation as much as in athletes, volunteers and sponsors, creating a trend that will open the horizons for alternative tourism.

The competition and the celebrations will be hold in the Cycladic island from tonight to Sunday 10th of June, organized by Tinos’ Commercial & Business Association, in cooperation with the organization All About Running, and with the support of the Regional Administration and the Municipality of Tinos.

According to the data of the organizing committee, this years’ applications have already reached a thousand, a number that was set as this years’ aim by the organizers, with the increasing participation of sponsors and the offers of  more than 80 shops and  the local tourist industry.


Andreas Tsimekis, president of Tinos’ Commercial & Business Association commented to vista that since 2014, «there has been an increase of 100 to 150 athletes every year that responds to the fact that the event is very well organized and  that the running trails have a variety of degree of difficulty that offer a challenge to the athlete...

There has been also an  growing interest from the children that 4 years ago did not overcome 50 and today they have reached 350 and the Primary and Secondary schools have expressed their interest» , he added.

Participants will be coming from all over the world and this year, three known Greeks athletes will compete as well: Catherina Asimakopoulou, Giorgos Zachariades and  Vasilis Koumanaros.

The actual running competition will take place on Saturday, 1oth of June. The highlight of the event is the SEMI-MARATHON (21,1km), starting at 5 o’ clock from the village of Volax,  passing through Skalados, Krokos, Komi, Kato Klisma, Karkados and Kaloni, and the finishing line will be in the Town of Tinos.

Besides it, the SEMI-MARATHON will include other races on Saturday:

-The TRE will be initiated at 17.15 with TINOS SPECIAL RUN of 100 meters for people with disabilities, in the main town of Chora.

-Children will run at the same time (17.15)  at the TINOS KIDS FUN for (1) one kilometer in Chora.

-At 17.45,  TINOS FOR FUN for 5km will star from the town of Chora, towards Vrekastro and back to town and TINOS FOR FUN 10km will continue to Kionia and back to town.

After the completion of all races there will be a awarding & closing ceremony.The winners of the events will be awarded by true copies of the medals given at the original athletic games TINIA 1895,  that took place in Tinos  one year before the First Olympic Games of  Modern Times in Athens (1896).

The night previous to the races, at 22.30, the participants and chaperones will be invited to the PASTA PARTY in the town of Kechros  to get to know each other and their  hosts, and the meal will be made with Tinian ingredients by internationally known chefs Ilias Mamalakis and Alexandros Papandreou.

On Sunday, 10th , the visitors will  have the option to walk through one of the many trails of the island, passing through the villages of Kampos, Loutra, Perastra and Komi. The event will be closely monitored by medical assistance, and water and sport drinks will be given along the running track by the volunteer task force that has reached 200, many of them coming from Athens.