The Gastronomy Event Food Paths in the Greek island of Tinos is once again at its starting line, ready to explore new food paths and share a gastronomy feast with the visitors and the local population. The event includes many activities and happenings from Monday 7th to Sunday 13th May.

Professionals from the food industry in the island came together in 2015 in order to create the conditions to increase the demand of local food production at the restaurants and cafes. They worked on reviving the island’s food traditions, optimising its quality and introducing renovations. Above all, they laid the foundations for a close cooperation that has gone beyond business and has reached the islanders and professionals and friends from all over Greece and abroad.

Tinos Food Path ( gives a special attention to the cultural heritage of Tinos. This year, it has prepared an unique journey through a landscape with the famous Tinian Pigeon Houses, considered an architectural treasure. Everyday, the meeting point will be the village of Tarambados, where the visitor will take a circular hiking trail, passing by a dozen of pigeon houses, taking time to enjoy the the view, have a sip and a bite of the traditional shepper’s “packed lunch”.

Also, out of the 850 accounted for Dovecotes, the visitor will be able to visit 5 of them situated close to the villages during his wondering about in Tinos. Children will have the chance to provide themselves with a Pigeon House kit, to play and learn about their origin and importance.

Till Saturday 12 th, the old Fish Market (Psaragora), situated down town (Chora), will host cooking demonstrations with local products by over twenty international known chefs and pastry chefs, followed by food tasting. Also, at the Fish Market, the best bartenders of Greece and its international guests under the umbrella of the Difford’s Guide will hold a Aegean Cocktails & Spirits Cocktail Making Workshop and a seminar. Others seminars on wine, distillation of alcohol, oil and cured meat will attract the attention of the more sophisticated visitors.

The interactive mood will close with cooking demonstrations with the participation of people with disabilities. Two exhibitions in Chora will outline the artistic and cultural trend of Tinos, with a display of photographs on the local gastronomy and an art exhibition of various disciplines with the Dove as a symbol.

Tinos Food Paths has gained so far the public recognition of its activities and received the Honorary Award by the Greek magazine “Gastronomos” (September 2017). The iniciative was also presented as an example of entrepreneurship in the tourist industry at the XVI Congress of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), at the Niarhos Foundation in Athens in October 2017.