The Aegean Cocktails & Spirits, of the Difford’s Guide brand, once again brought to Tinos some of the best bartenders of Greece and its guests from abroad and set up a Pop up Bar at the Old fish market, where they prepared cocktails with a Greek twist, using Greek spirits as tsipouro, ouzo, Metaxa brandy and Mastiha for the public.

Twenty bartenders, five of them listed among the top 50 in the world, together with representatives of some of the most know Greek Spirit companies, will be staying in Tinos for three days, as part of the Aegean Cocktails & Spirits workshop sheduled for Monday, 7 th in the afternoon at the Old fish market.

Bartenders from Le Syndicat (Paris), la Commune (Paris), Flying Dutchman (Amsterdam), 69 Colebraw Row ( London) , Bar Untitled ( London) and Bar Termini (London) will work together with Greek pros to explore new ways of using Greek spirit in cocktail making.

From the Greek side, the participants are: 42 Barstronomy Athens, A for Athens, Baba au Rum, Bitter Sweet Trikala, Boheme Chania, CV Distiller, Grappa Volos, Holy Spirit Cocktail Bar, Ipitou Bar, Matsuhisa, The Clumsies, The Gin Joint and Upupa Epops.

The second Aegean Cocktails & Spirits workshop will conclude on Tuesday, 8th with a seminar on bar management and drinks making, open to the professionals and the public at the Old fish market.

As expressed by Denny Kallivoka, partner of The Aegean Cocktails & Spirits, they are back for their workshop for a second year in Tinos because both Tinos Food Paths and the island reflect their aim to talk about the Greek nature, a concept that embraces friendship and cooperation that are also the elements of Tinos Food Paths. They also respond to their effort to promote “localisation”, where bartenders are encouraged to create new cocktails using Greek distilleries.

The Aegean Cocktails & Spirits, of the Difford’s Guide opened the 4th Tinos Food Paths Gastronomy Event on Sunday, 6th ,with a welcome party at the renewed Old fish market in the capital of the island.