Hiking trails permit physical exercise, nature spotting and cultural heritage learning and it can be practiced through an extended season in Greece due to its weather. Tinos, one of the island in Cyclades Group, presents a perfect opportunity to develop a hiking trail tourism and promote its potential as it has an estimate thousand kilometers of trails.

So far, 150 kilometers of network have been studied and included in a comprehensive campaign project called “Tinos Trails, Experience The Authentic Side of An Unexplored Land”. The project was prepared by the private enterprise Paths of Greece, assigned by the Municipality of the island and has been submitted to the Forest Department of the Greek Ministry of Environment for approval.

Tinostrails.gr, it is a web page created with all the information needed to the visitor. However, the creators advise on its preliminary character with the following footnote: The proposed trails are yet in preparation. Till the end of the signposting and clearing works, please get a good hiking map in order to walk on Tinos in safety.

Deputy Mayor of Tinos, Anastasia Deligianni and Fivos Tsaravopoulos, member of Paths of Greece (right photo) presented the program and the campaign in Tinos. They spoke about the need to create a support team of services and citizens that will help to maintain the trails open, clean and functional. Tsaravopoulos reafirmed to vista that “once we have the green light, it will take a few months to prepare the trails”. He expects the hiking trails to be fully prepared by the next Fall (2018).

The project involves the reactivation and completion of 150 kilometers of hiking trails in Tinos, included in 12 trails that offer different degrees of difficulty, themes and distance in three geographical points of the island. They are all circular and some are interconnected. The trails run from 5 to 14 kilometers, covered in an estimate of 1h 40′ to 5h 30′.

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The trails are divided in themes that point out the cultural heritage of the island, its nature, the marble craft, Tinos history and archaeology, the villages and the geological phenomena, as: The Three Capitals, From the Sea to the Sky, The Hidden Valley, The Highlands, The Georoute, Nature in Antithesis, The Road of the Water and the Castle, Above the Valley, The Marble Villages, The Alley of the Mills, The Road of Marble and Heading to the Quaries.

For over a month, the hicking trails were studied and GPS mapped in order to provide a GPS tracking hiking trails service to the visitors, as well as the preparation of sign-posts based in discrete wooden poles that will contain all the necessary information.

Tsavaropoulos believes that Tinos could become one of the best hiking trails destinations in Greece and that the country has the potential to be classified between the top 10 hiking destinations in the world. Furthermore, Tinos trails offer the singularity of passing through villages in contrast to other destinations that walk mainly through landscape.

Deputy Mayor Deligianni talked about the importance of developing a number of activities that go beyond the Summer and that will contribute to expand the touristic season in order to gain more visitors. Trail tourism is becoming increasingly popular internationally for it is orientated to all ages, from children accompanied by their families, to group excursions and third age hiking.