On a special weekend (July, 28-29-30),  people moved by a common interest in Art had the chance to admire the creations of artists,  assist to divers workshops, participate in open debates and games and get to know the village of Ysternia in the island of Tinos, the heart of the Sterna Fringe Festival,  a landmark in the cultural scene in Tinos.

The third version of the festival offered Vinyasa yoga and Tai Tchi sessions (Eleni Toli and Lilly Georgakopoulou) , an introduction to photography with the creation of a  «camera  obscura», mostly enjoyed by children under the guidance of a group of artists.

It was followed by a marble craving workshop at Onoufrios Desipris’ workshop  for a second year,  three photography exhibitions (see the programme) ,  a treasure hunting game mainly for children who repeated the adventure on Sunday, this time in an escape room looking for the pirate Barbarossa’s treasure as part of the island’s history, an idea of Eleni Svirou Sviriadi and young Dimitris Boufidis.

This interactive three days program festival introduced the visitors to the history of Ysternia with a guided tour by the historian Costas Danousis, to an abandoned oil and wheat mill that marked the transition between the pre-industrial to the industrial period. From its creation it functioned with millstones pulled by animals, followed by a steam powered system and moved later to diesel before becaming n0n-rentable while oil and flour was brought from the main land by middle 1960´s.

Also, On Sunday, people were invited to participate in a experiencial psychology seminar by Lydia Kanellea,   learn about the importance of  safe driving starting with a interactive experiencial learning program for children by the Road Safety Institute «Panos Mylonas», followed by a session with parents and finally, listen  to Tinos Food Paths success story on an iniciative to promote Tinos as a gastronomy destination by professionals of the area. All the activities were sealed by  live performances of musical groups at the old school, the courtyard at the Panagia Katapoliani and at the All day Mayou Cafe.

We do our best every year…

As a tribute to late Ioanna Koutzoukou, Venia Papathanasopoulou (mother) and Fay Koutzoukou (sister), the soul and the mind behind the festival,  follow the young girl’s dream to celebrate a free spirit festival for Art at the village where they have spent their Summer for many years.

«We do our best every year. Ioanna loved Isternia and wanted people to learn about it. She had been working since 2013 on an idea where people would come together, specially young ones, and discuss about art and issues of general concern. In other words,  an inclusive festival» said Papathanasopoulou to vista.

«We are very satisfied because the festival has become quite known in this three years and the village of  Ysternia with it. People would approach us during the year encouraging us to organize it and asking to participate in it,» she added. «Indeed. The main ideas come from friends and people who had met Ioannaand we elaborate them» said Fay Koutzoukou.

Last year’ s version included more local themes, such as an encounter between people with disability from Athens and Tinos and a get-to- know the products and producers of the island, together performances of local musicians.

«We would love the festival to become sustainable and to increase the organizing team, because we have an increasing response to the event, with people travelling to Tinos specially in order to assist»  added Fay.

Ysternia supports the festival

The Sterna Fringe Festival is co-organized by the Association of Ysternia and as mother and sister pointed out «nothing could have been achieved without the support of the village’s Association and her president, Frantzesca  Dasyra, as well as the village’s authorities that keep clean the paths and the venues where the events are held». 

Dasyra declared to vista that «people have  learnt and fell in love with the village since then, and we have had an increasing interest in the real state market from foreigners (from abroad and Greeks from the mainland). The visitors to Ysternia keep on increasing and from 50 all year population we reach near a thousand during the Summer».

A lottery was held in order to collect funds to contribute to finance part of the reparation of the roof of the former Public School built in 1904 that today serves as Ysternia Cultural Center.