The recently opened bookshop café in Tinos «Antilalos» (echo, in English),  just in the center of town, has been largely welcomed by the local population as well as the Summer visitors to the island.

«We wanted to create a space that people would feel as their own. The love for books and literature readind brings people together, » said to vista Christina Koraki, one of the four owners that run the bookshop, who two Summers ago fell in love with the island.

Antilalos is the kind of place you stop by, just to look around while strolling downtown,  because of its atmosphere. It is a two storey old building, with open windows that displays old edition books carefully selected and book cases with an interesting content for book lovers. It also gives you the option to purchase books at a good bargain.

It also offers Greek poetry and literature books in English and French language, as well as a selection of titles in foreign languages.

The inside café is located among the bookshelves, which provides the feeling that one is sitting at home, going through the pages of old books and accompanied by a spot of iced tea or coffee, comfortably sitting in an old armchair or  at a wooden table on the second floor.

The outside lounge has little round blue coffee tables under the shadow of a big tree, soft music and natural refreshment, coffee, tea, cocktails, beer and wine, served with local specialties exquisite to the palate.

The idea to open up a cafe was born two years ago, when Christina and Giannis came to Tinos for a few days of Summer vacations and having spent a few hours in the island they decided that it was the place to settle down.

«We have been around quite a bit due to the travelling site we operate  but Tinos has an authentic Cycladic atmosphere and the people are exceptionally friendly», explained Christina.

The couple, together with Christina’s sister, Sophia, and her partner, Constantinos and their baby boy  came all the way from Northern Greece and joined the project, that also implies holding book presentations,  seminars and workshops as well as an art gallery at the top floor, the attic.

The  first coming event has been scheduled on 3rd August with the opening of a exhibition of handcrafted,  black and white technique of objects and works of art, by Δeltakappadesign.

It will follow a Greek  book presentation on 10th August, «Gonipetis» of new author Julia Ganasou.