This year’s  highlights of «Tinos’ Festival»,  a Summer cultural event that takes place in the Greek island,  are two events dedicated to the famous Greek music composer,  Mikis Thedorakis,  and an exhibition of photographs of the restoration works of the Acropolis and the creations of Tinian marble sculptors and students of the Fine Arts school in Tinos.

The festival started on the 1st of july and will last till September.  It has a wide range of art disciplines for everybody’s taste, including  open air concerts of greek famous singers with their best repertories (Alkisti Protopsalti, Glykeria,  Elena Paparizou,  Giannis Angelakas,  Giannis Spanos),  others dedicated to Esmirna,  Western Turkey,  songs and dance from Flamenco of Sevillad ,  Crete and Andalucia,  the interactive participation of young artists and young refugees,  theatre plays for adults and children,  a biennale of Modern Art and street opera.

There will also be individual and group painting and photographic exhibitions and one of Plastic Arts about the Greek writer   Nikos Kazantzakis («The Last Temptation of Christ, Zorba, the Greek»).

Together with Greek artists there will be colleagues from other European cities, as well as debates on subjects as «Greece and Globalization» ,  an interactive event about discovering Tinos with music and images,  local gastronomy,  dance and art therapy workshops and a seminar for writers.

The program dedicated to Theodorakis,  with three movies about his life and his political and artistic work («Sun and Time», «Mikis Teodorakis. Compositor» and  «Recycling Medea») will be presented at the village of Xinara on 18th July and the presentation of his music compositions for films and theater plays will be on 22nd July at Loutra.

The exhibition «The art of marble at the Acropolis» with the contribution of the Archives of department of restauration of the Monuments of the Acropolis will be opened on from August, 12 till  31st at the Cultural Center of the village f Pyrgos.

The festival will close in September with a dedication to the Greek philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis and a Greek-Chinese Theater, dance and music performarce.

«The thematic of this, the 16th version of Tinos’ festival 2017, is to point out the qualities that the island offers : the light ,  the sea,  the stone , the marble , and the way the whole contributes harmonically to an unique landscape, to the delight of our guests », as the Cultural director of the festival,  Themis Rodamitis,  explained to vista.