Vista means View in Spanish. Therefore, vista website constitutes a window towards the world and it reflects the way vista sees Tinos island in Greece and the rest of the world.
vista ( is a private site, one among others, that aims to promote the interesting aspects of the island that may attract distinguished visitors as well as to look into the social and regional issues that concern its inhabitants.

♠♠    The reproduction of  vista material is free but always with mention o the source.Readers of the website are totally and exclusively responsible of the evaluation and the use of the content.

Adriana-Haydée Flores Bórquez
Adriana was born in Santiago, Chile and lives in the Greek island of Tinos. She moved to the UK with her family and after a few years chose Greece as her home.During almost three decades she worked as a Foreign Correspondent for the Spanish media in Athens, Greece. In 2014, VISTA came to life and has recently been renovated. She has a daughter.

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